Avery Fine Perfumery in London

Avery is set in the heart of the Mayfair district of London. The exclusivity of the Avery store is due to its innovative concept and its selection of fragrances that include some of the world’s most exclusive brands. The Avery project is created through a little wordplay (“Aviary” an airy home for exotic birds, rather than “Avery” the store’s address) has used various iconographic elements from the world of birds (a poetic metaphor for the perfume that floats in the air) as a source of inspiration for the concept’s décor, enriched by a rococo dressing table with shapely birds feet.

In this rarefied and perfumed atmosphere most of the scent bottles are not seen because they are kept away on shelves and in drawers. Indeed, according to the Avery concept, packaging must not distract the sensory perception of the rare and precious fragrances.

Avery brings together niche fragrances selected by leading international experts in artistic perfumery and numerous exclusive brand names. These include Agonist, Andrea Maack, Eight & Bob, Azagury, Blood Concept, SoOud, Acqua di Stresa, The Avery Collection, Boadicea The Victorious, and The Hype Noses candles.