photography: fragments by flyn vibert

Fragments by Flyn Vibert

Fragments by British photographer Flyn Vibert is his first full fashion editorial. What makes this editorial unique in the world of fashion is that there is no photoshop or re-touching. In art maybe, but in fashion this is practically unheard of in nearly two decades.

Flyn told Eclectic “I’m interested in blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. In an age when almost anyone can take a good photo, for me it’s about developing a craft. I don’t use any digital manipulation or retouch in my images, and that’s important to me. Everything is physical. Hand-made. I experiment to the extremes, and I can’t stop. It’s my life.”

It is refreshing to see an editorial with magical and ethereal elements that is raw yet well crafted as in Fragments. So raw in fact, that some images were shot using raw ingredients including coffee, milk, and sugar. An editorial with many layers to be revealed.

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