Beauty Review: Happy Faces Thanks To Handmade Cosmetics by Everyday Minerals


Georgina Leahy fronts the Musical Muses by Everyday Minerals

Ready to wear the Musical Muses!

Ready to wear the Musical Muses!

You got me at vegan. And then it got better. Cruelty free, all natural, recyclable packaging, handmade in Austin, reasonable prices. Was I living under a rock? Why hadn’t I heard of the brand that has been around since 2006? With big corporate beauty companies with sexy campaigns it can be hard to find brands that meet the growing consumer demands, but thanks to online stores we can choose what we want to put on our faces like never before. While we have tested different holistic and all natural ingredients for skincare and hair, we have haven’t tried cosmetics yet, so we couldn’t wait to try Everyday Minerals.

I decided to try the Musical Muses Volume 1 because the new Tinted Lip Butters, enriched with shea butter, murumuru butter, marula oil, and passion fruit oil grabbed my attention as did the Musical Muses campaign. Everyday Minerals was inspired by the idea of nurturing the creative spirit of blossoming women artists, and with the Musical Muses campaign, release exclusive singles by three up-and-coming musicians. The first muse is British songbird Georgina Leahy, who covered the ’60s garage rock classic “Kicks.” A 1960′s French pop inspired photo shoot, shot on a vintage Polaroid campaign, provided imagery for the campaign. I found the mix of beauty and music to be well, very eclectic.

I love lip color, but gloss always gets a bit messy, stuck in hair, scarves, meanwhile lipstick breaks, gets smudged, you name it. So, at the end of the day I’m a chap-stick girl, not too glamourous and I always wished it would changed. I loved Everyday Mineral’s Tinted Lip Butters because they have the texture of a creamy chap-stick so my lips feel instantly nourished while coming in different shades so you can wear it as a lipstick, perfect for all seasons. The Musical Muses kit came with two berry hued color Lip Butters and a small flat top brush to apply the skin tint. Most make-up artists use brushes made from hair, so it is hard to find a good quality synthetic brush. However, I found their top brush perfect for blending the harsh lines while applying the skin tint for natural touch of contouring. The brush handle is actually made from renewable Bamboo handles. I usually don’t wear skin tint as it seems like one less thing to put on my sensitive skin, but Everyday Mineral’s felt light and brightened up my dull skin, the most important thing is that I had no irritations after wearing it for nearly month.With such a positive experience, I can’t wait to try their finishing dust, concealer, and shadows. Anna Barr


This Kit Includes:
Poised To Perfection Skin Tint – Mini Size 
Calm & Collected Skint Tint – Mini Size
Honey Rose Elixir Lip Butter
Sweet Secret Lip Butter
Baby Flat Top Brush
Musical Muse Vol 1 Cotton Makeup Bag


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