Fashion Editorial: Symphony in White by Lucilla Bellini

For her latest editorial, Florence based photographer Lucilla Bellini takes inspiration from the iconography of the late nineteenth century Pre-Raphaelites and the neoclassical sculpture “The Veiled Vestal Virgins” by Raffaele Monti. The idea came when she and the stylist Susanna discussed to shoot something mono-tone and extremely delicate. Susanna wanted to add a contemporary edge to the style. The title is inspired by a painting of late nineteenth century by James Abbott McNeil Whistler, Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl.

Organza dress by A ritroso VINTAGE STORE, Carioca Spring Cross Bra by Intimissimi, Two layer skirt and chained rings by H&M

“I’m always fascinated by the way to portray innocence and fragility and the melancholy sadness typical of Romanticism” Bellini told Eclectic.

To recreate, innovate and captures the style, stylist Susanna Fabbrini builds contrast with Romanticism and contemporary through playing with layers. Decorative lace builds coherence with the makeup created by Sabina Pinsone and a roman style dress with two wigs taking the place of wings.

To create the beauty, Sabina decided to use only minimal lines, white dots and a conceptual large white forehead to emphasize the idea of totally white and the innocence model’s beauty. For the hair she decided to leave them natural or simply to make 2 kawaii braids with her very long hair to give a contemporary twist.

Double cross dress by Maison Bizarre
Top and poncho jacket by Chiara Manetti, Spring Cross Suspender G-String by Intimissimi
Roman style dress and wig-wings by Maison Bizarre

Editorial: Symphony in White

Photographer: Lucilla Bellini

Model: Martina LookNowFirenze

Stylist: Susanna Fabbrini

MUA & Hair: Sabina Pinsone

Assistant: Filippo Bertola

Shot at FrenchFries studio Florence

About the Photographer: Italian photographer Lucilla Bellini is a part of the Eclectic team, having already shot fashion editorial Lost in Love for Eclectic Issue AW13 and our SS14 issue. Along with the magazine we have featured several of Lucilla’s projects here on the site. Before collaborating together, we were attracted to her work due to her rich composition, ethereal and atmospheric mood that gives her images a distinct look. In addition to fashion photography and portraits, she is the Art Director at Frenchfries Studio based in Florence, Italy.