Eclectic Editorial: Girl Interrupted by Franey Miller

New York based photographer Franey Miller brings us our first editorial from New York for this fall. Stylist Sam Bates brings together an eclectic array of designers from Frank Tropiano to Eleen Halvorsen, both contemporary to the core, juxtaposed against soft femininity and progressive minimalism set against the prevailing themes of the 90s down to model Julia Cumming’s roots reminding us of the tough femininity of the era with the cocktail of grunge, biker, mod and chic. Long and lean silhouettes celebrate the decade.

Enhancing the overall mood by Miller, makeup artist Christopher Marcum creates a ruddy smoky eye and vibrant, semi-matte, burgundy stained lip, a nod to the heady days of downtown. Striking contoured cheeks are reminiscent of a young David Bowie. The day is blurred with night before.