Diane Pernet Unveils Fragrance at UNSCENT in Milan

Diane Pernet Unveils Fragrance at UNSCENT in Milan

Diane Pernet, the American journalist, blogger, founder and curator of A Shaded View On Fashion Film, last weekend was the sensational special guest at UNSCENT at the Excelsior concept store in Milan which saw the debut (soft) launch of her new fragrance. Guests were treated to a special preview of new short films from the ASVOFF festival dedicated to independent cinema. UNSCENT is devoted to the discovery of essences: olfactory sensations, colours, fashion, food, art and technology become an integral part of a lifestyle experience, thus making Pernet’s fragrances a perfect fit.

“Developing these perfumes has taken me down many paths. Some led me back in time or toward fragments of real memories in my life. Others were more akin to imagined adventures or daydreams. But they’re all very much my own ‘shaded view’ in one way or another. My approach was to envision a vignette which would offer cues for the formula of each fragrance and then continuously adapt until we got it just right. The entire process has been magical for me. But of course the real magic then comes into play knowing that someone else will wear the same fragrance- and imagining how they will reinterpret my vignette into one of their own. I can’t wait for people to share their vignettes with me. It will be interesting because I made it a point to focus on genderless fragrances. I’m not drawn to very heady scents. My perfumes are about revealing in serene, sensual and otherworldly moments” Diane Pernet.

Here is what Diane Pernet says about her three new fragrances:

TO BE HONEST (Concept 1): “Capturing the experience of stumbling upon an ancient church while walking through the woods. There are notes of myrrh, black pepper, cedar wood, patchouli, vetyver, leather and amber.”

DESIRED (Concept 2): “Reminiscent of an oriental garden as the mist rolls in. There are notes of clove, juniper, and nutmeg with a little musk accord in the air. Energetic and narcotic.”

IN PURSUIT OF MAGIC ( Concept 3): “Creating a feeling as if you’ve entered a familiar yet parallel world with notes of refreshing citrus air that simultaneously invigorates and purifies you. Tart, clean, intense, restored and protected.”

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