Des Paroles Blanches by Gonçalo M Catarino

Shot on location at the stunning Hotel Rio do Prado in Portugal, Lisbon based photographer Gonçalo M Catarino brings us Des Paroles Blanches. The editorial wholeheartedly embraces white under the spring sun for an enlightened, ethereal feel.

Makeup artist Andreia de Almeida continues the trend with white making the eyes look wider, brighter, and more awake. White liner takes center stage on the upper eyelids, inner eye, and under followed by thick strokes of shadow standing out against the clean pale face and lips in nude tones. The face feels illuminated by the strategically placed white shadows and liners. A minimal streak of pewter runs down the super groomed center part creating a look that looks luxurious and controlled much like the makeup.

Stylist Patricia Oliviera pulls together a look that is spring clean with clinical-like precision balanced with heavy yet minimal accessories. The ulta-white looks are both blinding and clean as though we are stepping into the future. It’s the white light of tomorrow.