China Entering New Era of Haute Couture with Difré

China Entering New Era of Haute Couture with Difré

We were excited to learn that Fashion Designer Frédéric Luca Landi and Artistic Director Diana Law have announced their joint collaboration in a series of Fashion Projects for the upcoming year around the globe. These projects envisage to a strong French-Asian concept and works through the fine craftsmanship of Parisian Haute Couture.

Their first showcase teaser was published two weeks ago via youtube, and is attracting viewers from outside the Chinese elite as well. Many Chinese see Haute Couture as strictly French, but with Hong Kong fashion week garnering more international attention, luxury China isn’t about knock offs. Big brands may be big, but Haute Couture offers a different experience through skill and craft that no factory can employ.

The former – Head-of-Workshop for Christian Dior Haute Couture-Paris is delighted about the upcoming projects. “Asia has always been fascinating for me – a place shimmering with vibrant energy, a long history and with an amazing culture behind every aspect of it. My grandmother is Vietnamese, it is very exciting to work so closely with the Asian Influence, with my roots.” Mr. Landi explains.

“We hope to bring our fusion spirit and vision to audiences across the globe through telecommunication media,” says Ms. Law. “We are able to reach people across the globe, in real-time,” the French-trained Designer explains, “In our case, absences from the Paris workshop or of each other plays no effect. We are able to hold daily meetings through visual conferences, inspecting the design from every angle.”

Despite the financial turmoil in the global market being of great concern, the two designers took a view as now being the time for new concepts and collaboration in the Fashion World.

“We all need beautiful dreams to raise our morale up during bad times,” says the two, “Today is the time to bring our-interpretation of Haute Couture to the world.”

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