Behind the Label with Fashion Designer Persy Yaniv

Behind the Label with Fashion Designer Persy Yaniv

Designer Yaniv Persy moved to Paris in 2007 where the classic Parisian elegance and masterful drape of local fashion designers influenced him. Persy went on to collaborate with John Galliano, Donna Karen, Lanvin  under Albert Elbaz, Apostrophe, Roberto Cavalli, in 2009, Yaniv Persy finally established and  launched his own label,  Ltd. His researched pieces, of net embroidered craftsmanship with classical sophistication and personal chic, created his signature style into recognition. Eclectic Society speaks to Yaniv about his collection as well as his creative process and the journey so far.

Persy: It was such long ago, after the army in 2001 I started to work in a software company , I was into technology back then , I felt I had to explore the world of future …A year after I got a bit frustrated , I made good money, great life, but it wasn’t complete , I felt  it wasn’t my future , I was missing the touch to create , and develop my skills . I went to my CEO saying that I am terribly sorry but I feel I can’t go on anymore and sit in front of a box every morning.eclectic society: How did you journey into fashion begin?

I then decided that I needed to interact with people and use my scense of style. I went to work in a clothing chain store , slowly became the manager of the store making so much buzz in the city .  All the celebrities and all the women came to to the store for me to dress them and offer them my personal touch and suggestions, I then understood I had something in my vision and an ability to dress a women and make them look good but never the less feel confident with what I offered as if it was her style for years. I had found myself being a psychologist of all the women around and enjoying dressing them with my own style. A year after my colleague at the store (38 years old ) said you must do something with your talent , I started laughing and didn’t realize what was going through her mind ….

A week after I got a letter saying I was invited for exams at Shenkar College fora  fashion degree, I thought it was a mistake . I called the school asking if it wasn’t a mistake and they had mentioned my exams were paid by visa on the phone and tomorrow I have to attend. It drove me crazy how could have it happen without knowing who did it. I came to my shift at the store talking about it loudly , and my colleague said ” I had sent you to the exams , I think it would be a waste for such a talent to be selling clothes of others “

The rest is a history……

Did you have a style icon growing up?

Persy:  I used to look in my mother’s closet; she had such a style very different from others and so directional. I remember as a child looking at my parents wedding album, over and over amazed by my mother’s gown. She looked like an angel all in white with white fur and delicacy. I still take a lot of inspiration from her.

What artists and films have made an impact on your work?

Persy: I love Pedro Almodovar’s films in general: they always make me think further. I think he has such a clear DNA of how to express his thoughts and his world is so deep and unique but at the same time universal. The film “The Skin I Live In” the story is impossible — and weird, dark, funny and fractured, even jagged,

What are you listening to at the moment? What role does music play in fashion?

Persy: For me music is much more than sound for me it is a message, emotion. When I design, I already feel the notes that are going to be played in my runway show, it is exactly the beat I live in and the beats of my heart. New good music makes my heart beat fast and wanting to listen to it over and over, it is exactly what I feel when I see or create a good dress. These days I love to listen to a band I had found by mistake: .

What inspired you to start a jewelry line?

Persy: From my first collection I knew it will very fast become a house that gathers my vision in all fields, giving our customers and women all the elements on which Persy look has since been based. The jewelry for me are statement pieces. I want them to last and people to appreciate the work we invest in it – for many generations. I like them big and even when they are small they have presence. All my jewelry are carefully developed, handmade in our atelier, most of them are costume jewelry — leather bases and leather covered withSwarovski stones, mesh on gourmet turned out to be my signature for my jewelry line and usage of materials for my RTW collections, wrapping mesh on all gourmets and fastening necklaces with grosgrain ribbons and leather. It became our trademark. I thought it looked more personal combining edgy rock and roll uptown girl with glam. I love that the jewelry are great day to evening and no matter what you are wearing they will always complement your look.

Finally, tell us a little secret.
Persy:As always black is a very important in the color palette of my creations, but this winter I decided to expand the colors to browns, kahakis, and red loam. I wanted our women for next season to look powerful, urban but elegant. I was inspired by the army uniforms aiming to make a woman powerful, feminine and up to date balancing the rigorously architectural silhouettes of the traditional army uniforms. I gradually steered away from minimalism for edgy shapes that empower women’s bodies with dynamic contradictions, along with strong shoulders, referenced to the eighties against the future. The main materials are also a contridiction from silk chiffon, silk tullemesh, taffeta, cotton to Napa leather, and cotton ribbons handmade macramé on leather.

Persy: mmmm.. well it won’t be a secret if I tell you! But worth waiting for next season, we will be launching a new division.

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