Beauty Inspiration: good save the queen

Beauty Inspiration: good save the queen

 Mask by Vittorio Ceccoli

For Spring Summer 2013, we are looking at different directions to channel our inner queens from around the world. Italian stylist Manuela Mezzetti along with Make-up artist Barbara Montanari have created different looks drawing on some of the directional beauty trends of the season from aqua hued blues, statement colors, bold primaries, pewter touches, along with sci-fi and tribal references in her editorial G(o)od Save The Queen. Meanwhile, hair colors are bold and solid with electric blue, pale platinum, and Elizabeth the First’s striking red locks.

Silvery sheen make-up with long fanned lashes makes for a space bound Queen this spring. Dress by Cristiano Burani, Necklace by Fusion

Queen of the Cyber-punks with matching nails and hair in cobalt blue with tribal face paint.

Uber pale matte face with a futuristic blue streak highlighting the cheeks make a strong nod towards a intergalatic princess with icy silver hints on the lips and inner reminding us of the summer moon. Jacket by Cristiano Burani, Necklace by Egotique

Powdery matte blue fades into white dusted over the eyes and paired with pale shimmery lips. Vampy plum colored nails with contrasting blue tips create a feel of Parisian Hip-Hop. Dress by Cristiano Burani, Necklace by Fusion


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