Album Review: Hyperdub 10.2 by Pete Buckenham

Album Review: Hyperdub 10.2 by Pete Buckenham

There’s word that this album captures Hyperdub’s contribution to pop music, it certainly rises above a high proportion of one dimensional comp’s and the disparate and formulaic product of many contemporary Long Players. Even if only partially realised then the fringe of popular culture is a fertile pasture. If I starred albums Hyperdub 10.2 would have a piece of the night sky.

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’ Grime lullaby ‘Signal 2012’ kick starts the collection with off kilter bliss and Inga’s idiosyncratic tones on this their final bitter-sweet collaboration. Burial’s two step soul and grime, ‘Shell of Lights’ cascades the hazy depths, bridging genres through a shadowed underground sound that is laden with emotion.

‘Obsessed’ from Cooly G reveals her lyricism as the exposed vocals limbers to this tracks sultry melody. The bass playfully sits with the rhythm of the synth.

There’s a solid pair from DVA with a dash of Victor Duplaix and a little reminiscent bruk sound. Fatima is all over the summer anthem ‘Just Vybe’ (Soule Power Mix).

With ‘Never Defeated’, Fholston Paradigm creates a rich landscape from syncopated rhythms and distant voices. What’s that noise? I was ignorant of Jessy Lanza’s sound until 5785021 & ‘You and Me’, YES a future R&B sound that works! Keep it slow and fill your soul bucket right up. Dam Funk joins the soiree with a roadblock jam of electro funk pop sweetness. The late DJ Rashad features and Hyperdub will be representing the Teklife tide.

Kode9 with more Inga Copeland is simply ridiculous and represents the quality of this compilation – So m u u c H s P A c E! Cut an Arabian Prince beach-hitting hed-nodding glance of assured knowing; carnival fires will blaze to this. Apparently Morgan Zarate’s ‘Sticks and Stones’ was a lost dub!!!! Zarate cranks this comp’s gearing to a production and collaboration peak with the M.F. Ghostface Killa, and the very, very best vocalist from these Isles, ESKA. Not sure what rock I was under when this first surfaced! This track has Hyperdub hyped!

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