Eclectic magazine is a bi-annual publication released in limited print and online featuring original, insightful content that pushes the boundaries of geography – introducing new designers, city guides, music, movies, art, original editorials, fashion and beauty features from different corners of the world.

Created in 2012, with deep roots in online platforms, Eclectic is made up of collective of individuals who lie at the boundaries of fashion and culture, looking beyond tribes to be inspired. Based in London and Paris, with contributors from around the world, we believe and encourage the idea that inspiration can indeed come from anywhere as we support new, up-and-coming talents from all areas of expertise curated with an eclectic aesthetic.

Meet the members of the Eclectic team below:

Anna Barr 

Seattle native Anna Barr, is a freelance stylist and journalist who started her fashion journey studying Haute Couture in before moving to Japan,Greece, Italy, the UK and finally returning to Paris with a lust of inspiration. Having gained extensive exposure of international markets and trends across a variety of multimedias, Anna found herself working as a trends analyst and dipping her toes into forecasting in the beauty and fashion industry.

Charin Chong 

Charin Chong is a freelance fashion journalist who spent her life between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur. Her experience living and working in various countries and diverse cultures has contributed to her background in styling, journalism and trend forecasting in the fashion industry on an international scale. She now calls Paris home where she continues to source inspiration and trends, and to improve her burgeoning photography skills.

Anniina Mäkelä 

Anniina Mäkelä is a Finnish native freelance editor & online marketing manager now based in Paris. Her background is in the beauty industry and trend forecasting. She reports from the fashion capital through her camera lense – on and off the fashion weeks