5 questions with marc andersen

5 questions with marc andersen

We just discovered visionary scarf designer Marc Andersen earlier this year, who’s unisex designs mix dreams with colors and shapes. Being big fans of scarves, sometimes it is difficult to find prints that represents our mood and generation to a certain extent, which makes Marc Andersen’s collections a real treat. Additionally, while the scarves are designed in Berlin, they are made of silk and printed in Como, which is known for its textiles.

eclectic*: How has your journey been so far?

MA: We founded MARC ANDERSEN in 2011 and things are running very fast…Our collections are already available in Berlin and very soon they will be in Rome, Milan, Los Angeles and Toronto. We are also planning a special event to present our brand during the summer edition of the Berlin fashion week in July.

e: What music are you listening to at the moment?

MA: We love to listen to the “nu disco music” like Pyramid, Lazerhawk, Anoraak; “new wave music” from the 80’s like for example The Sound, The Chameleons, and indie like Metronomy, Who made who, Slint, The black Angels. This is the playlist of the studio…but we love also Jazz and the Opera!

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